COVID-19: The Ultimate Solution

COVID-19 has drastically changed the hospitality industry, and it will never be exactly what it was before.

Whether you like it or not, you have to change the way you do your business, and only those who adapt quickly will survive and thrive.

We have the solution to make your business future-proof today.

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The special deal for the restaurants affected by pandemic

We hope our special deal eases any financial burden caused by the current economic uncertainty. Your customers may be staying home, but that doesn’t mean they stopped shopping. Get started right now, and your guests can order within 1 hour.

Four steps to protect your restaurant and customers during COVID-19

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Easy one-click menu uploading, live menu editing

Place QR in the best places

Get a QR template, print it, or get all the materials you need from us. Put it on your tables and let your guests order


Download The Ultimate Checklist how to boost your restaurant sales during and after COVID-19 (Only in CZ)

Learn how to approach reopening your restaurant during and after COVID-19 with this 11-item checklist.

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